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Could the Progression of COPD be Caused by a Pathogen in the Lungs from Smoking?

The “unknown pathogen in the lungs” theory was beginning to make more sense to me than what the doctors were saying about the COPD disease progression. As my mother’s health improved little by little, we convinced the doctor to run the tests that had originally indicated prescribing the drug in the first place. In this way, we let the doctor take her off the drugs one at a time. The only exception was some of the COPD medications and treatments which my mother took herself off of.

In End Stage Emphysema the drugs and treatments stopped working, one by one. First was the albuterol sulfate in the nebulizer. My mother eventually refused to use the nebulizer saying it did not do anything any more. I called her doctor and he switched her from albuterol sulfate to DuoNeb which was albuterol sulfate with ipratropium bromide. Ipratropium bromide is the drug they put in the Combivent rescue inhaler and probably some of the others. I knew this carried the potential of bromide toxicity so it seemed dangerous to add more of this drug to her daily regimen.

The DuoNeb stopped working shortly after that and she stopped using the nebulizer altogether. Next to go was the Spiriva. After that was the Advair and last was the Combivent. They all stopped working in about a 6 month period.

When my mother first started getting the Combivent it would last a month and a half or so. The last one she used lasted only 3 or 4 hours. She was using it over and over and getting no relief from it! It was very hard to watch her struggle so much for air and not be able to help her. Watching these drugs stop providing the temporary relief they once had worried me even more. The oxygen concentrator that maxed out at 5 liters was already set on 4 liters and my mother was gasping for air!

Eliminating the Need for Supplemental Oxygen

Now here we were two and a half years later and she no longer needed any supplemental oxygen. I reasoned that it was because the pathogen that had once proliferated and occupied a large portion of her lung volume was now dead and no longer occupied any of her lung volume.

She carried around a portable oxygen tank for almost a month but never needed to turn it on. She had also re-gained the 26 pounds she had lost since her diagnosis. She was now able to sleep through the night and eat full meals again, unlike the sleepless nights and tiny little meals she had eaten when she was in End Stage.

“Barrel Chest” Condition - Explained

I realized the other conditions she had experienced during her illness could also be explained logically based on this unknown pathogen theory. As the pathogen proliferated in her lungs, her body adapted by distending the lungs. The pathogen then proliferated more and the body adapted again distending the lungs even further. This back and forth between the pathogen proliferating and the lungs distending may have been continuing for years or even decades and was most likely responsible for the condition common to COPD patients known as “Barrel Chest.”

Eventually the distending lungs crowd the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible. This was the reason for her meal size decreasing as the disease progressed. My mother would eat these tiny little meals (about a cup of food) and when I would prompt her to eat more she would tell me that if she ate any more she could not breathe. Why? Expanding the stomach with food, even a little bit, would crowd the lungs, that were now distended, and make breathing even more difficult. This is apparently a common occurrence among patients who have deteriorated down to End Stage Emphysema or Stage 4 COPD.

The patient is eventually unable to eat enough food to maintain normal body functioning or weight and subsequently starves to death. They generally call this heart failure but I believe the heart fails as a result of starvation.

How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema

I wrote a book that details each and every step I took in reversing my mother’s emphysema. I am not trying to sell you a book. On the contrary, I am giving you the ebook, “The New Menu That Began My Mother’s Recovery from COPD & Emphysema.” 

This FREE ebook details the diet that, as the title implies, began my mother’s recovery from COPD and emphysema. This is the diet I got from Dr. Hunter that was verified by Dr. Fuhrman and contained in Dr. Pescatore’s book.

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Free COPD Ebook Download

I was just asked by a company, who provides oxygen concentrator machines to COPD patients if they could include a link to my free ebook, “The New Menu That Began My Mother’s Recovery from COPD & Emphysema” on their web site telling me that many of their clients had downloaded the book and were already seeing improvements! They also told me of their patients’ improved mood and demeanor after they started seeing these improvements. 

I was impressed with this company who puts patients’ health before their own profits. If all of their patients get well, they lose them as customers but they are willing to do it any way to help their patients. I wish there were more companies like this one!

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Verifying the Unknown Pathogen Theory of COPD Progression

This would explain why my mother needed more and more supplemental oxygen as time went on. As the disease progressed, the pathogen continued proliferating, occupying more and more of her lung volume and leaving less and less lung volume for her to use for breathing thus the supplemental oxygen requirement had gone up and up and up.

Do Medications Actually Slow the Progress of COPD?

This all seemed very logical, especially since the medical industry had given me their opinion through 2 of their well-trained doctors which was, “we don’t know what causes COPD to progress. It’s a mystery.” They would then follow up with, “We do know these medications and treatments will slow the progress of COPD.”

This I seriously doubted since it was the pharmaceutical companies who had spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing these COPD medications who were then given the task of testing them to show they worked. Does this seem a little fishy to you because it sure does to me? Isn’t that like the fox watching the hen house?

Where are All the Alternative Treatments for COPD?

I had been researching COPD and emphysema since my mother’s diagnosis. There was very little in the way of alternative treatments for COPD or emphysema. Once I realized that this disease progression was quite possibly the result of some unknown pathogen proliferating in the lungs, I began looking in other areas of alternative treatments. I was looking for research done on other diseases that I thought I might be able to apply to my mother’s emphysema and COPD.

I eventually found Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno. Dr. Hunter was treating cancer by first putting patients on a very restrictive diet.

This diet was not calorie-restrictive but “content” restrictive. By that I mean, Dr. Hunter eliminated all sugar from the diet including fruit, honey, molases and anything else with a sweet flavor. He also eliminated all grains from the diet like bread, cereal and pasta since they are converted to sugar quickly in the body. Even whole grain bread was eliminated because of its high glycemic load. For a quick understanding of glycemic load take a look at the article below from the Harvard School of Public Health.

This left only meats, fish and vegetables. Dr. Hunter stated that cancer was a pathogen and that this pathogens’ food supply was sugar. He said that each cancer cell had more than 90 receptors for sugar. The diet he developed, essentially starved these cancer cells.

I started thinking, if cancer is a pathogen and this diet starves it, and since I was starting to believe the disease progression of COPD might be the result of a pathogen, then this diet should also starve this pathogen growing in my mother’s lungs. Well, it made sense logically but I was skeptical since in my desperate situation, I thought maybe I was filling in too many blanks with nothing but circumstantial evidence in an effort to support this pathogen theory.

Realizing that “the proof is in the pudding,”I immediately started my mother and I on Dr. Hunter’s diet hoping for some positive results! I figured we had nothing to lose. My mother was going to die unless I did something other than depend on these drugs and nebulizer treatments.

COPD Recovery Begins

It took about 10 days before we had transitioned completely to Dr. Hunter’s diet. The amazing thing for me was two weeks later when I noticed my mother’s first improvement since her diagnosis! It was a subtle improvement but it was a giant milestone in my eyes!

My mother would always get up in the morning after she smelled the coffee I was brewing. By the time she walked out of her bedroom, across the dining room and into the kitchen she would be gasping for air while on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen.

This day she was in no distress when she arrived in the kitchen. I was so thrilled when I saw these improvements, I can’t even describe the feeling but I was energized realizing there was a strong possibility that my mother’s COPD progression was, in fact, the result of a pathogen that had entered her lungs through cigarette smoking. Maybe the progression of COPD was not this big mystery the doctors thought it was after all.

No wonder the doctors’ prescription drugs and treatments did not stop the disease progression. They didn’t know what was causing this disease progression and it didn’t seem like they had spent much time trying to figure out this big mystery either. Now with a little bit of thought and logic and a change to a restrictive diet, my mother was showing her first signs of improvement since her diagnosis two and a half years earlier!

Complete Recovery from COPD

From then on I noticed small incremental improvements in my mother’s condition every week! During this period I added a number of supplements each with its own function in the healing process.

High quality probiotics to restore the immune system, beta glucan to amplify the immune response, proteolytic enzymes to strip away the protective protein covering present on every pathogen, alfalfa to alkalize the body, omega-3 to reduce inflammation (one of the two primary symptoms of emphysema), and one of a cycled set of 4 anti-pathogenic supplements designed to systematically kill the weakened pathogen.

There were other supplements with less definitive purposes like CoQ10 but all were included for their specific healing effects.

An example of one of the supplements I used in reversing my mother’s emphysema was beta glucan which amplifies the immune response. Here is a good article regarding the effects of beta glucan on chronic disease.

Seventeen months after starting the restrictive diet, with my mother in End Stage Emphysema, weighing only 77 pounds and on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen, she had completely recovered! She no longer needed any supplemental oxygen, she had re-gained the 26 pounds she had lost since her diagnosis, she could eat full meals and sleep through the night.

Once again, she seemed like the mom we had lost 15 years earlier when she began taking statin drugs for cholesterol and other drugs for dementia and osteoporosis. She was now off of almost all of her medications only leaving Keppra for seizures and a heart medication which I knew we would have her off of soon.

I did not take her off of her medications. I put her on Dr. Hunter’s restrictive diet and gave her specific nutritional supplements which started her return to optimal health. One by one I added a list of supplements each with their own specific function in either taking out this pathogen I still was not sure even existed, or returning her body to optimal health, or restoring her immune system.

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